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Resolved safety Issues which are contractual!


1.    Ventilation In manual weld area

2.    Ventilation in the robot weld area

3.    Machine specific lockout tag out  procedures on all machinery

4.    Installation of new lighting throughout the facility.

5.    Safety committee representing all three shifts.

6.    Fences were installed on the back of all racks to prevent material from potentially falling off and causing injury to employee’s

7.    Pedestrian walkway throughout the plant.

8.    Improved coil storage area.

9.    Holes in the floor are being addressed on a regular basis.

10. The scrap hoppers have been lowered to reduce the risk of injury.

11. A team of certified medical responders/ EMT members on all three shifts.

12. An in plant emergency vehicle equipped with necessary medical supplies.

13. Installation of a new ladder for the e- coat pit area, to allow for an additional way out in case of an emergency.

14. Four new Handicap parking spaces.

15. The Die separator will be installed the second week of January.

16. The air conditioning ducts were extended to include the Battery Box area and the mid roof area.

17. We are in the process of implementing the BEST safety program which is a program negotiated by the UAW and Daimler Chrysler.

I would like to say thanks for the entire membership’s support in resolving these issue’s. As always if there is any safety related issue that needs addressed please feel free to contact myself or any member of the safety committee or your committeeperson

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Without organizations like the UAW fighting for worker rights, Health & Safety in this country would return to what we see happening in other country's today:

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