Dear Union Brothers and Sisters


On behalf of the UAW Local 5286 Members both working and laid off I have asked that any UAW Local 5286 Member that owns or is running their own business or knows of a business that would like to give Discounts to our Union Member Brothers and Sisters or would like to share their knowledge of a business that they are running as to how it works with their Union Brothers and Sisters please contact Scott McAllister UAW Local 5286 President at (704) 922-8150 or

E-Mail at [email protected] .

We will send out a one time copy of your flier with our quarterly news letter to inform our membership of your business or a business that wants to give discounts to help our UAW Membership.

This is just one way for us all to build new knowledge and relationships with OUR COMMUNITY AND UNION BROTHERS AND SISTERS SO WE CAN CONTINUE TO GROW AS ONE!  


Local Business and Union Members Listed below that give discounts and or business knowledge to Union Members.


CASE TIRE: of Gastonia (704)865-6422 or at (704) 825-3465 must show Union Membership card.


Jerry Lingerfelt Life Insurance: Contact Number (704) 685-6880


Finishing Touches Landscaping: Don Whitworth will give a 20% Discount to all UAW Membership on landscaping and Deck Service.

Home Number (704) 937-7028

Cell Number (704) 300-5803


State Certified Notary Public: Troy Friday, He will Notarize documents such as Motor Vehicle titles, wills, estate papers, medical papers, etc; for absolutely free for UAW Members.