The following Committees are associated with UAW Local 5286
Constitution and Bylaws

  This Committee as spelled out in Article 44 of the International Constitution: The Constitution and Bylaws Committee of each Local Union shall perform the duties of setting up and monitoring the local union bylaws, along with following the approval procedures. This committee is charged with the responsibility of submitting proposed changes to the International Constitutional Conventions.

Chairperson - Open

Union Label

  Helps to emphasize the importance of supporting those goods produced in union shops, by union members under the union-won working conditions. This committee also helps bring to the attention of our members those products produced under the non-union conditions and by anti-labor manufactures.

Steve Goff - Chairperson

Conservation and Recreation

  Works to promote meaningful recreation and leisure-time activities and also develops action programs to help correct energy and environmental problems. Service in these areas is provided by the Recreation and Conservation Department of the International Union.


Jonathan Johnson - Chairperson

Community Services

  Performs the important task of getting help for our members and their families in time of need. These committees work through public and private organizations to assure that these problems faced by members in emergency situations get the needed help. These are the committees that generally handle the strike insurance benefits when local unions are forced to use their economic strength. Service in this area is provided by the Community Services Department of the International Union.

Tim Miller - Chairperson

Civil/Human Rights

  Serves as the guardian over the Local Union's interest to assure members full rights regardless of religion, race, creed, color, sex, political affiliation, national origin, age, or handicap. The committee informs members of steps and procedures, including filing of complaints and hearings, whenever a member or members believe their rights have been violated, either by management or other union members. The committee, in cooperation with the UAW Civil Rights Department, works toward the elimination of discrimination in the workplace, the commun