Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

We all know that our benefits are important to us and our Families. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take time to understand how our benefits work. You can access Benefits Forms, Plan Comparisons/Summary Plan Descriptions, your 401k Plan, and your Carrier Links (EAP Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, Express Scripts and VSP Vision) online Here(Daimler Trucks North America Total Rewards Site)

  • For retirement information or assistance, you can contact the Union Benefits Office at 704-868-5646 or at the in-plant ext. 5646.  You can also email Jeff Kennerly or contact the Employee Benefits Retiree Office at 503-745-7833 or by email.

Please take the time to review this information and if you have any questions concerning your benefits, do not have a computer or the internet and would like hard copies of this information, please contact me or you can tell your Union Committee person that you have a question concerning your benefits and I will contact you.

In a nutshell you can save yourself money and time correcting insurance issues if you understand your benefits.

In Solidarity,
Jeff Kennerly
Benefits Representative
UAW Local 5286

Jeff Kennerly
Benefits Representative
UAW Local 5286
In Plant #: 704-868-5646
Fax #: 704-868-5629


  • Use your BCBSM card for all Medical and Vision services. To learn more about your vision benefits link to
    www.vsp.com . You will use your Express Scripts prescription card for prescriptions. Link to the Express Scripts
    website at www.express-scripts.com to learn more about your prescription benefits. You will use your Moda/Delta Dental of Oregon card for dental services. Link to the Moda/Delta Dental of Oregon website at www.modahealth.com to learn
    more about your dental benefits.
  • Employees can access Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Daimler web site at www.bcbsm.com (BCBSM stands for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan), This web site provides easy-to-access to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Daimler web site that allows members access to claim status, eligibility information, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum data and benefit information. Members can also order additional ID cards and conduct national provider searches. As new enhancements, members may view their Explanation of Benefits online and view/update their Coordination of Benefits information.
  • For any Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) medical issues call the Customer Service 1-800 number on back of Insurance card to take first step to resolve open medical issues. Most of the time this will take care of your insurance problems if your medical claim was not filed properly by your healthcare provider or not processed properly by BCBSM.

If you have questions concerning your BCBSM medical benefits you will need the following information to help resolve your medical issue.

  • Your FHN number, on the front of your Insurance card
  • Your Group number, on the front of your Insurance card
  • Date of birth of card holder
  • Date of service on Insurance bill with total bill amount or your BCBSM EOB (explanation of benefits )

Once you have called and your medical issue is not resolved you can contact Jeff Kennerly your Union Benefits Representative at ext 5646 or 704-868-5646 for further assistance.

  • You are not required to choose a Primary Care Physician. However, to receive your maximum benefit and to have lower out-of-pocket costs, you should select a BCBSM PPO in-network Primary Care Physician.
  • To locate in-network provider, go to www.bcbsm.com or call 1-800-810-2583.
  • You do not need a referral to see a participating specialist. However, to receive your maximum benefit and to have lower out-of-pocket costs, you should select an in-network BCBSM PPO Specialist.
  • Custom foot Orthotics are a covered Benefit, However, only certain medical conditions are covered. Please have your provider contact BCBS with your specific diagnosis and type of custom orthotics you will receive to make sure that your custom orthotics will be covered. Also, if they are covered the company will only pay a maximum of $325.00 for your custom orthotics.
  • Employees that are considering infertility treatment should see Jeff Kennerly the Union Benefits Representative or contact him at extension 5646.
  • Please be aware the first endoscopic procedure each year for employees and their dependents are paid at 100%. Any additional endoscopic procedures within that same year will be paid at 80%.
  • Before you pay any Medical bills you should wait for BCBSM to send you your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) for that service to make sure the amount that the provider is billing you for is the amount that your EOB states that you should pay your provider.
  • BCBSM mails employees a notice yearly requesting employees to provide information to establish if the employee, the employees spouse or the employee’s dependents have additional health care coverage for coordination of benefits purposes. Once you receive this notice you should respond within 15 days and notify BCBSM if you, your spouse or any dependent covered under your Blues plan has additional coverage or does not have additional coverage. If you do not respond within fifteen days the processing of your claims will be delayed and if you never respond the processing of your claims will stop until you do respond.

Important Notice

This Document is intended for informational purposes only. It is general in nature and does not alter or replace any coverage documents or contract language covering Your medical benefits. It is not a contract. every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information within. However, if statements in this description differ from the applicable coverage documents or contract language, then the terms and conditions of those documents will prevail.