Membership Meeting   


112 West Trade Street

Dallas, NC 28034


10:00 am

October 20, 2018

  • Shop Chair Report
  • Nominations for 1st Shift District 3 1st Alt Representative/Committeeperson
  • E-Board Recommendation to be voted on by Membership
  • Report from Delegates, Officers
  • Floor open for Questions/Answers Time

Nominations for the following open

Alternate Representative/Committeeperson to be held at the

October 20, 2018 Membership Meeting


  • 1st Shift District 3 1st Alt Representative/Committeeperson,
  • 1st Shift District 3 2nd Alt Representative/Committeeperson
  • 2nd Shift District 2 2nd Alt Representative/Committeeperson
  • 3rd Shift District 1 1st Alt Representative/Committeeperson
  • 3rd Shift  District 1 2nd Alt Representative/Committeeperson


Suggested By-Law changes to be presented to the membership to be voted on at the

October 20, 2018 Membership meeting.


Committeepersons and Bargaining Committee

Section 4. Remove the red and bold underlined

(a)Any vacancy for the position of committeeman or alternate committeeman shall be filled by a Special Election.



Elections and Election Committee Remove Strike through and add red bold and underlined

Section 14. The nominee for all positions of the local Union, Executive Offices and Shop-Chair receiving the majority of votes cast for the office (more than fifty (50) percent) shall be declared elected.


Section 15. No elected committeeperson shall run for any executive board officer and no executive board officer shall run for any elected committeeperson. (Committeepersons are elected Committeeperson, Alternate and Shop-Chair)


Article XIV (14) Attendance Rules New Section 4. Bolded underlined and in red

SECTION 4. It is a must that all B.E.T Conferences be attended by the listed Elected and appointed Delegates to the UAW Bus, Engine and Truck Conference. Delegates are listed as President, Shop-Chair, Health and Safety, Benefits and Skilled Trades.


All UAW Local 5286 Members come to your meeting and use your voice by voting on issues that could affect your job Let’s Vote in Solidarity!

For monthly Union meetings and Committee meetings employees will be allowed to leave scheduled weekend overtime to attend these meetings and return to work. Employees must notify their supervisor of intentions to attend Saturday Union meetings before the end of shift on Friday. Time excused will be limited to the time at the meeting and appropriate travel time. Employees are required to notify their supervisor by the end of shift the day prior to the meeting of their intention to attend.

Please remember you cannot turn left on North Gaston St. off West Trade St. !!!

Also no parking on West Trade Street. You can Park on North Gaston St.

or in the Parking Lot around Back of the Union Hall.


In Solidarity, Thank you

Scott McAllister

UAW Local 5286 President