UAW Local 5286 Committee Meeting




LUCA and Union Label


All UAW Membership are welcome to attend this meeting:



Meeting Place:

112 West Trade St

Dallas NC 28034



Date and Time:

October 20, 2018

9:30 am



In Solidarity,

Scott McAllister

UAW Local 5286 President


This is a must attend for all Standing

UAW Local 5286 Committee Chairman/women

Dan Styers / Skilled Trades Rep

UAW Local 5286 Skilled Trades Chairman


Sandy Spencer / Recording Secretary

UAW Local 5286 Woman’s Chairman/woman


David Thompson / Guide

UAW Local 5286 Civil/Human Rights Chairman


Ramon Herdon

UAW Local 5286 Chaplain Chairman


Mack Sanders / Trustee

UAW Local 5286 Citizenship and Legislative (V-CAP) Chairman


Tyrone Brown / E.A.P Rep

UAW Local 5286 Education Chairman


Greg Suggs / Trustee - Webmaster/Facebook

UAW Local LUPA Chairman


Angela Forster

UAW Local 5286 Election Chairman


Steve Goff / Alt Health and Safety Rep

UAW Local 5286 Union Label                                                        


VP Tim Miller / Co-Chairman Civil & Human Rights

UAW Local 5286 Community Service Chairman


Jonathan Johnson

UAW Local 5286 Conservation and Recreation Chairman/woman


Ricky Gentle

UAW Local 5286 Veterans Committee Chairman


Rocky Sneed and Grant Bishop

UAW Local 5286 Constitution and Bylaws Chairman



UAW Local 5286 Consumer Affairs Chairman



See Approved Updated By-Laws Article XIV Attendance Rules

Section 3