UAW Local 5286 Committee Meeting




LUCA and Union Label


All UAW Membership are welcome to attend this meeting:



Meeting Place:

112 West Trade St

Dallas NC 28034



Date and Time:

April 21, 2018

9:30 am



In Solidarity,

Scott McAllister

UAW Local 5286 President


This is a must attend for all Standing UAW Local 5286 Committee Chairman/women

Dan Styers / Skilled Trades Rep

UAW Local 5286 Skilled Trades Chairman


Angela Forster and Kim Wright

UAW Local 5286 Woman’s Chairman/woman


David Thompson / Guide

UAW Local 5286 Civil/Human Rights Chairman


Ramon Herdon

UAW Local 5286 Chaplain Chairman


Mack Sanders /Trustee

UAW Local 5286 Citizenship and Legislative (V-CAP) Chairman


Tyrone Brown / E.A.P Rep

UAW Local 5286 Education Chairman


Greg Suggs - Webmaster/Facebook

UAW Local LUCA Chairman


Freddie Wilson / Co-Chairman Civil & Human Rights

UAW Local 5286 Election Chairman


Steve Goff / Alt Health and Safety Rep

UAW Local 5286 Union Label                                                        


Tim Miller / Co-Chairman Civil & Human Rights

UAW Local 5286 Community Service Chairman


Jonathan Johnson / 1st shift District 3 Committeepersons/Bargaining Committee

UAW Local 5286 Conservation and Recreation Chairman/woman


Ricky Gentle

UAW Local 5286 Veterans Committee Chairman



UAW Local 5286 Constitution and Bylaws Chairman



UAW Local 5286 Consumer Affairs Chairman



See Approved Updated By-Laws Article XIV Attendance Rules

Section 3